Key Feature: Marine Extract

Viviscal has been around for quite some time and it’s fairly popular in Europe. The product is rather remarkable as it contains special marine protein extract and vitamin C for the promotion of hair growth.

Been a huge success in Europe, it’s deemed as one the best supplement for early stages of hair loss and for faster hair growth.

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Who Makes Viviscal?

Viviscal is developed by Dr. Allan Lassus of the University of Helsinki, Finland. The product has been used for around 15 years. It tops the list for Europe as one of the most effective hair supplement.

What makes it work?

The main ingredients of this product consists of

  • Natural Extract Mixture of Marine Origin 300 mg
  • Acerola Extract from Acerola Cherry
    (corresp. to Vitamin C 30 mg) 120 mg
  • Silica Compound 30 mg

The natural marine extract works through the bloodstream by promoting high yielding nourishment of protein to the hair follicles. The marine extract stimulates the hair follicles from resting phase (TELOGEN) back to the growing phase (ANAGEN).

The Marine Protein (AminoMar C) can

  • Nourish hair follicles
  • Strengthens and encourages growth of existing hair
  • Promotes growth in weaker, less visible hairs
  • Makes your hair more vibrant

Viviscal is a natural supplement based on its rich protein and its combined vitamins, which are essential for excellent hair growth. It seems to be a good supplement to take along other hair loss treatments.

Viviscal Side Effects?

As Viviscal is a natural supplement, there shouldn’t be any contradictions while taking this pill. This product is 100% natural. However there are still some precautions before taking this supplement. As it contains marine extracts, it’s good to make sure that you are not allergic to fish or any types of seafood.

Also keep in mind if you are pregnant or breast feeding, do ask your doctor first whether the ingredients in this product will have any complication for you.

Who should take this?

This product works best for both sexes. Its mode of action is to promote growth and strength to your current hair. It can also promote growth to your existing hair miniaturized by hair loss. Choose this product first if you are in Norwood 1 or Ludwig 1 stages of hair loss.

If this product works for you, you might not need to pursue other medications. However if your hair loss is quite serious you might either include this product into your regimen or skip this product to look for more hair loss focused products like DHT inhibitors and Minoxidil. Of course, if you can afford extra, this is always a good choice.

How should I use this product effectively?

To see any results at all, bear in mind that you will have to try Viviscal for at least a minimum of 6 months. Most people using this product has shown some improvement in overall hair quality and quantity but if you are having blood circulation problems due to

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Illnesses

then this product might not work effectively. Use this product together with iron supplements and other blood circulation supplements like gingko to increase its efficacy.

Viviscal should be taken according to the weight of the person.

If you are 80kg and above, it’s recommended that you take 3 pills per day spaced out between mornings and evenings. If you are less than that, take 2 pills one each. If you are skeletally thin (>30kg), then take only 1 per day.

This is a supplement does not reverse hair loss, at least not that effectively. If you are suffering from moderate hair loss, get a hair loss regimen.

How much does Viviscal cost?

The Oral Supplement, each contains 60 tablets which should last you for a month or less (depending on your weight). Most pharmacies and online sells this product for USD 39.00 for a month’s worth of supply.

If you are suffering from mild hair loss, it’s recommended that you try this product for at least 6 months before investing in others. That will costs you an average of USD 260.00 for half year’s supply. If it does not improve your condition, then phase it out and try others.

Clinical Studies

Need more information and details regarding this product? Check out the some of the research materials here.

Have a look at a medical study here. (Opens a new window)

The pros and cons


  • Good feedback and reviews

  • Widely used in Europe for almost 20 years

  • Backed by substantial clinical studies

  • Natural ingredients


  • Does not help reverse genetically related hair loss

  • Not cheap to use for the long run


Viviscal should always be considered as a nourishing supplement for your hair loss. If you are suffering from the early stages, you might want to try this product out first coupled with DHT inhibitor like Propecia.

However, if you are suffering for moderate hair loss, you will need more than Viviscal to really reverse your condition. You can still include this in your regimen for treating hair loss if you can afford it.