How To Shave Your Head

One of the final and most convenient hair loss solutions is none other than shaving it all off. Well of course there are plenty of us that keep fighting with treatments, transplants and remedies experimental to overcome hair loss but sometimes you might wonder, is hair loss worth the bother?

Should I Shave My Head?

Should I Shave My Head?

The choice is really yours entirely. You might be getting fed up with lengthy treatments and you might not want to spend another 10,000 on a hair transplant and going through all the troubles to maintain it. So what is the best solution for an instant worry free answer to hair loss? Shave it! Like what people say, If you can’t beat it, Shave it!

Perfecting the Imperfections

Getting a head shave is also a relatively good choice for you if you think you are up for it. It’s about compromise and acceptance. It’s also the cheapest and most obvious way to overcome hair loss. Well, it might take you some courage to do it, but if you think that this is the best option in terms of convenience, build up your confidence and do it.

Looking more into that, it’s also stylish and a lot of people are doing it, not just for hair loss but for fun or experiments. Anyway, if you think that it doesn’t suit you, you can surely wait for it to grow back, considering the fact you are already losing hair(or else you won’t be here) it’s also better for you when undergoing topical treatments. So there is nothing to lose (except yourself if you can’t accept it) since if other methods might not work, you will end up getting a head shave sooner or later. So let’s experiment!

Before You Take The Plugne

Before you take the ultimate plunge, there are steps which I think are important for you to know. We will focus on some steps towards a satisfying shave by looking at some subtopics.

  • Test whether you are ready by doing a virtual head shave.
  • Stuff that you’ll need before starting.
  • Step by step guide for a great head shave.
  • Dealing with razor bumps, a common issue faced by many first timers.
  • Tips on maintaining your bald head.
  • Finally, take a look at some bald celebrities for inspirations!

A lot of people have tried it and never looked back, if you really just can’t be bothered or your hair just keeps on falling, stand up and be proud to be bald! A perfect bald head is much better than an imperfect balding head.

Reinforcing Your Heart

The first thing that we will look into is whether you are ready to get a head shave. Many people (including me) have a psychological barrier they will need to overcome for the first shave. That is why the hair loss industry is making so much money to prevent you from reaching this point. If you want to build up your confidence to see whether how you will look bald, there is no better option than getting a virtual shave.

Let’s start with the first step towards Captain Picard.

Get a Good Shaver and Essentials

Ready to go totally bald?

Great! Now let’s get a head shaver and some tools that you will need first to get your perfect shave. There are plenty of shavers on the market for you to consider. If you have long hair, you might need hair clippers too to trim it down. So, we will see what basic tools that you will need to do the job.

Let’s screen at some of the best head shaving products for your head.

Here We Go!

Got everything you need? It’s time to Shave It! Although many people think that shaving the head is relatively easy, there are really certain ways to do it properly especially if you are doing it for the first time. Try not to get nervous and edgy about it. So let’s see some head shaving steps to guide you.

Step by step to make it right the first time.

How To Deal With Razor Bumps

how to deal with razor bumps when shaving your head
After your head shave, you might experience some uneven surfaces in your head known as razor bumps. This usually occur to some people especially those with curly and thick hair. You should always pay special attention to this condition as it call lead to ingrown hairs medically termed as pseudofolliculitis barbae. If you have thick and curly hair, do follow this preventive guide.

More steps and precautions for those with curly and thick hair.

Maintaining a Shaved Head

Well, although a lot of times less troublesome than maintaining your hair, there are some techniques and skills that you will have to learn after getting a head shave. See some tips and products that you might want to consider to maintain a beautiful bald look.

See products that can help you maintain your bald look.

Inspiring Bald Celebrities

A good idea to look for motivation to shave your head is to take a look at some of the famous bald celebrities. Doesn’t matter whether they have hair or not, they are still filled with confidence wherever they go. If you just need a little more reassurance before taking the plunge, these high spirited people will tell you what ‘Bald is Beautiful’ is..