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Toppik Comes to the Rescue

The Ultimate Toppik

f you are going to get a hair loss concealer that really works, look no further, Toppik is one of best ever invented product that works marvelously when it comes to concealing hair loss..

Of all the hair products I had used, this product outperforms any types of hair loss concealers on the market. I’ve discovered this product a few years back when I was just starting my hair loss regimen.

When it comes to cosmetics cover-ups, I am very skeptical about all the products offered in the market, but after researching and found that this particular product has received so many good reviews from reputable hair loss sites and even my own dermatologist recommends it, I say ‘hey what the heck, let’s give it a try’. After that, there is no turning back, Toppik is the one best choices I have ever made.

There is no doubt that I am a fan of Toppik, because it can effectively change my life during the period when I was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness. ‘Toppik not only build hairs, but it also builds your confidence‘ something most hair loss sufferers lack.

So What is Toppik?

Toppik FibersToppik are micro-fibers, synthetically made of the same protein Keratin just like your hair. When you apply the hair fibers, these tiny specks actually join and merge with your remaining hair building volume and thickness.

As our hair carries a negative static charge, Toppik is charged positively so that it will strongly bind and stick to your hair. It’s even capable of amplifying your vellus hairs (small fine hairs) making it look so much thicker. Applying it correctly, there is almost no chance of anyone noticing that you are using Toppik.

You can watch the how to apply Toppik on Youtube here (New Window).

Of course, it’s best to gradually increase the application or else people might wonder why you hair has recovered totally overnight!

Will it Stay on My Head?

Hair fibers like Toppik use static electricity to hold on your hair. Even the strongest wind or rain will not dislodge the fibers (unless you don’t have any hair left for the fibers to hold). These hair fibers merge with your hair so seamlessly that you can only wash it off with shampoo and a good shower.

However, nothing is perfect, this product is not recommended while swimming because too much water and friction will gradually dislodge the hair fibers. Depending on the amount you use, the more you use the more will be washed out while you are swimming. So if you swim frequently, try considering Couvre instead, a scalp concealer that does not smear and are suitable for swimming.

How to Use It?

Applying it is relatively simple, just choose the color that matches your hair (you can of course choose any other color you like) and then apply it.

Proper Ways of Applying

Based on my experiences, I’ve found the best way to apply Toppik is to use both the Hair Applicator (sold separately) and directly from the bottle itself. Remember to apply it in a room with low air flow to prevent the fibers from flying everywhere.

  1. First, make sure your hair is dried up before applying. To make things easier, style to your hair as desired first.
  2. For large bald surfaces, it’s best to use directly from the bottle with the filter. Just lift it up 3-4 inches above your head and slowly shake the bottle vertically.
  3. Shake until the entire crown and back area is covered.
  4. For the front hair line, it’s much more easy to use the Spray Applicator as you can easily manage and contour the fibers to fit your hair line.
  5. For the back areas, what you can do is to get another smaller mirror and hold it with the other hand while you shake the fibers into the back part.
  6. After applying, use a wide tooth comb and style as required to properly disburse the fibers.
  7. Get a fiber hold spray to improve the hold of the fibers, you can use other types of hair sprays like TIGI’s Hard Head. Don’t use styling gels or creams or your might mess it up!
  8. Hold the spray around 10 inches away and spray sufficiently through your hair.

That’s it! Few simple steps and you are done. Initially you might find it a bit hard to master but after a few times, you can usually get it done in less than 3 minutes or even faster. No need to take an hour or more to cover your bald spots anymore!

Removing The Hair Fibers

Removing the hair fibers is also relatively simple and fuss free. Any shampoo can effectively remove the fibers. Just a simple rinse will get most of the fibers out. If there are still fibers left, try patting your hair on the location. A few good pats will usually manage to get all the hair fibers out.

Are My Hair Loss Treatments Compatible With It?

As the manufacturer stated, this product is compatible with Rogaine or any topical hair loss treatments. However, as a user of Minoxidil myself, I find it easier to apply the topical applications to my scalp after removing the hair fibers or else it might smear my fingers.

So what you can do is to apply Minoxidil first before applying the hair fibers and apply it again after removing it before heading to bed.

As Real As It Gets

Although, there are many TV Commercials that promote hair sprays or similar products that can immediately regenerate your hair, Toppik is not like that. I have tried several similar brands, but these products do not provide the hold and grip like this one.

The makers, Spencer Forrest spent tremendous time and science into this product, making it one of the best temporary hair loss remedies in the market. It’s easy to apply and easy to remove. Like I said, it’s hard to come by such a remarkable product in the market.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Although this is indeed a revolutionary product, sadly, nothing lasts forever. Toppik only works when you have hair left in your head especially those before stage 6-7 of the Norwood Scale. If all you have is vellus or fine hairs left, it cannot effectively change your scalp look.

What I recommend that while using, always find ways and solutions to recover back your hair as soon as possible so that can you enjoy the effectiveness of this product.

See Preventing Hair Loss and Hair Loss Treatments page for hair loss solutions now.


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